Insurtech Innovation Snapshot 2018

Insurtech Innovation
Snapshot for 2018

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If you work in the insurance industry and you are in need of fresh ideas and proven innovation cases, this digital report is for you

Discover & Understand

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This report will allow you to discover innovations that most of your colleagues have never heard of

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Explaining these cases will allow you to understand their impact on your business and work

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Information gathered in this report will give you opportunity to understand the directions in which your company should be developed

What’s in it for you?

You get a collection of information about the most important inovations in the insurance industry in one place. The report is divided into 5 chapters, and each one presents 5 unique examples of innovations and answers for the most interesting questions in the area.

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Insurers’ innovations

  • Could AI machines replace insurance actuaries?
  • Or is it possible to make real-time flight delay claims process?
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New competitors

  • Which airline is planning to become an insurer?
  • What can a furniture manufacturer achieve on the insurance market?
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New technology

  • Who can predict, alert and prevent disasters before they occur?
  • How to predict heart attacks more accurately than doctors?
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Startups’ world

  • Will apps replace your doctor?
  • Who is analyzing selfies to estimate life expectancy?
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Trends & insights

  • Why the era of car ownership is ending?
  • Why building a full API for your own infrastructure is the dream of many CIOs?

You save tens of hours you would have to spend on researching this information from different sources.

25 presented examples

1. General information

Each of 25 presented examples starts with general information regarding who did what and the neccessary context around it.

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2. Crucial details

General information is always supplemented with key details regarding a given example.


These details are grouped thematically into 3 sections : competitors challenge, market implication and customer value proposition. This will allow you to conduct case analysis in a structured way.

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Insurtech Innovation Snapshot 2018

Insurtech Innovation
Snapshot for 2018

Unique knowledge starting from 199€ (tax excl.)

Collaborate & Share

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In this report you will find at least 25 starters for discussions with your colleagues on the future of insurance industry and your company

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This report will give you at least 25 tips where you can look for innovations in your organization


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About us

Insurtech Intelligence is a link between think tank and a insurance innovation research firm. We are focused on insurtech innovation aspect – a combination of insurance and technology. We draw on our knowledge from many years of experience in working in R&D departments and hundreds of the most reliable sources of information. Our mission is to create positive impact through knowledge of innovation.

We want to be the most up to date and relevant source of innovation and disruptive ideas from around the world for the insurance industry. Insurtech Intelligence is a service that legally runs under Jerzy Kurgan Company.

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