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Insurtech Reports

Everything you need to know about the critical issues facing innovation in insurance industry. Comprehensive data, rigorously assessed. Current trends, analysed in depth. Future possibilities, and how you should react.

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Innovation Scouting

Innovation Scouting is a service for monitoring and providing carefully selected information on innovation from selected markets. Scouting includes in particular information on: technological innovations, new products, startups, process improvements, consumer needs and behaviours, as well as marketing and sales inspirations.

Innovation Scouting by Insurtech Intelligence

Insurtech Newsletter

Insurtech Newsletter is a free e-mail newsletter and news service that helps you to stay up to date with your insurance innovation knowledge. We scour the internet for the best stories, and send out the best we can find weekly. For anyone who works in insurance, or just has a passion for insurance innovation and new technology.

Insurtech Newsletter

Custom Analysis

A’la carte industry research, analysis and insights offering on demand, tailored data and reports based on your specific needs.

Custom Analysis by Insurtech Intelligence

Individual Consultation

From market assessment and landscape analysis to portfolio evaluation, concept development and white space identification, Insurtech Intelligence can give you a fresh viewpoint backed by rigorous data and insight you can trust.

Individual consultation by Insurtech Intelligence